Monday, September 1, 2014: "Still At It!
It's almost been 2 years to the date since I've posted anything on here. Yeesh! I've been super busy, so I guess that's a good reason. Just an updated. Yes I'm still touring. Still with All Time Low and I just got hired by The Gaslight Anthem to do their Fall U.S. and Europe tours. I'm pretty excited about it. What else, what else...I'm single again, so I got that going for me. Still living in Boston too. All in all I can't complain and I'm a happy camper. Hopefully it won't take me another 2 years to update this thing. I posted some new photos and video as well. If you're bored check em out!

Sunday, Septemeber 9, 2012: "Nominated as 'Lighting Designer of the Year'!
Whoa, it's been a long time since I've made a journal entry on here! Over a year...yikes.

Well, so much has happened in a year that I really can't even attempt to play catch up. But things are going extremely well for me and I am very grateful! The biggest news, is that I have been nominated as "Lighting Designer of the Year" for the Parnelli Awards. One of the BIGGEST honors anyone in the touring industry can receive. Now that I've been nominated, I NEED VOTES TO WIN. You can only vote for me if you subscribe to FOH or PLSN Magazine(s).They want real industry peers voting for peers. I'm up against fellow lighting designers for Katy Perry, Phish, Rascal Flatts, & Coldplay. Soooo basically I'm probably not gonna win haha. BUT if you do subscribe to either magazine, you can vote for me by visiting their online voting site: http://www.ParnelliAwards.com/vote.php .

I don't even know what to say or how to say it. I'm honored and humbled. I can't help but think back to how I got started in this business. It was by accident...and here I am, based on these nominations of LDs I seriously look up to, I guess I can say I'm one of the top 5 lighting designers in the world! Can I say that? Pretty please? Thanks to everyone who ever supported me and who still support me. And to those very few people who doubted me or thought that I should give it up...you look VERY small from up here ;) BAM! hehe

Monday, July 25, 2011: "Plus One, Vegas, Dirty Work, The King, & my 30th birthday"
As usual, it took me a little while to write another tour journal entry on here. Better late than never I guess. This entry is basically a continuation from my last one. So let's get into the "Dirty Work" tour. This was my best lighting design (for a floor package) that I'd ever done I think. I called it Voltron! Wicked bright and packed a big punch. I came up with a backdrop design that made it look 3 dimensional. I was really proud of that too. We had a couple days of rehearsals in Philly before our show there. I programmed for 2 days. When I get my hands on lighting fixtures, I'm like a kid in a candy store. Danny Hollywood debuted a new club so to speak on stage right in his guitar world called "Plus One". Blended drinks, hot dogs, red velvet rope, action figures, and I even provided a few lighting affects for it. I spent 1/3 of the tour hanging out there with him. I think/hope it will become a tour tradition from now on. We had a day off at Disney in Florida. We got most of the whole tour together and went drinking around world at Epcot. We took some nice photos of it all too. It's almost like a time lapse of the day/night. All I know is we ended up split into 2 different groups at the ESPN sports bar near one of the hotel places. We also had an extremely adventurous day off in Vegas. That city tends to generate a whole bunch of memorable nights. The guys rented the top floor suite at Mandalay Bay. Complete with view of the strip, bar, 2 bathrooms, living room area and plenty of floor space. Once again, the whole tour was invited. It was out of control to say the least. We spent all of the rider money on drinking materials and mixers. Our sound guy Evan had an ....interesting night and I will leave it at that. There is video, but my lips are sealed cause I don't wanna embarrass him. At one point I was taking calls from the president and controlling the living room lighting. Next thing I knew I told our truck driver Disco, Ryan (drum tech for Yellowcard), and a couple other people that we were going to the casino floor to hit the tables. Unfortunately they lost and it was just me alone at the blackjack table. I ended up winning $1,800! That's the most I've ever won in Vegas. The pit boss even bought me a cigar and was keeping a close eye on me cause she thought I was counting cards...maybe I was. The next day we all laid out by the pool at Mandalay Bay got a couple frozen drinks and then Danny Hollywood and I hit up the spa to get that proper Vegas recovery. Another show that sticks out in my mind (as always) was the show at Eagles Ballroom. I don't believe in ghosts but you can't help but think that place is haunted every time you go there. It's also the ONLY show where my lighting console froze and blacked out the stage for the longest 25 seconds ever. Ghosts? Who knows!

I celebrated my 30th birthday on the road and I really didn't know what to expect or if anyone would do anything since not many people have ever really done much for my birthday except for my parents when I was a kid. I was pleasantly surprised by a few All Time Low fans/friends bringing me gifts ranging from the entire Harry Potter DVD collection to Bruins t-shirts to Red Sox tickets to my very own Red Sox cake with my name/age on it. The guys also surprised me with 30 bottles of Corona and 30 shots of Maker's Mark lined up for me and the entire tour in Allentown, PA. Quite possibly one of my favorite birthdays. Felt a lot of love from so many people and so many strangers that, for that day, seemed less like strangers and more like family. The day after my birthday, ironically, we were in Boston (my home) at the House of Blues where I work when I'm not touring. It felt amazing to be there and see/work with my hometown crew/friends. Always awkward telling them what to do when it comes to them helping me setup my rig. After we setup and finished programming, I took a few of the guys up to Dorsia (my apartment/patio) up the street. Jack bought me like 3 hot dogs since there was a game at Fenway. Those bday Red Sox tickets I was given were for the game that day. So I went inside Fenway for a few innings to watch my Sox do what they do best. Towaards the end of the set Alex gave me a shout out from stage and it really meant a lot to me, being in my hometown, it made me feel so proud to be from Boston (even more). Also, our fearless leader Matt Flyzik asked for the Bruins/Flyers game to be put on all of the HOB television screens...at least he got to witness the Bruins sweep his lack luster team the Flyers. We had to rush out of Boston right after the show since we had such an early load-in the next day.

While on tour, our armed forces killed Osama Bin Ladin. So that was pretty, pretty, pretty sweet! On the last day of tour we had a nice little end of tour prank ready for Yellowcard. While we were in Pittsburgh, home of Mr. Matt Colussy, we found a costume shop. Vinny bought an astronaut helmet, Planet bought a lucha libre wrestling mask, Danny bought a full Flash superhero outfit, and I bought a real burger king mask w/ a scepter. During Yellowcard's set (I was running their lights the whole tour) I put on the All Time Low backdrop lights so the ATL logo would shine through their backdrop for a whole song. Then I left my light console in the hands of one of my techs that day and ran to the bus to grab 10 burger king burgers that the runner had picked up for me earlier in the day. Then walked to stage, suited up with the rest of the guys and during Ocean Avenue we came out on stage, danced around, and I tossed out burgers to the crowd. I fed some to the YC guys as well. I even had one thrown at my head by a naughty fan. During that last day of tour, 3/5 of DX, Vinny, Danny, and myself jumped behind the merch table to flip some Ts as a unit. As always, respect to Vinny for being out there from doors to bus call sometimes. Besides Flyzik, he has the longest day out of all of the crew. Almost every single show was sold out on this tour. So proud of the guys! One of the best tours I've ever done. Scratch that...that BEST tour I've ever had the pleasure to take part in. This is a family, this is a team, and this is a way of life/living. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011: "Brazil, Europe, & a few words..."
This is the longest I've gone without posting a journal entry on my site. So much has been going on that I really haven't had a lot of time to just sit down, think, & write about stuff. First off, we started off 2011 with an incredible New Years party at the Gaskarth estate. All of ATL b&c plus friends and family were all there. The guys did it right. Car service, bar, video games, catering, music, keg stands, & I even made a phone call to the president! One of the best New Years parties I've ever been too. Not too far removed from ringing in 2011 we were off to Brazil! I'd never been there before and I was beyond excited to see/experience everything that country had to offer. Every date was a fly date so most of our mornings were early ones. With all of the beautiful scenery from my airplane windows I didn't have too many complaints about that. Speaking of flights, every time we landed there were All Time Low fans waiting to great the guys, and in some cases...ATL crew. So strange, so cool. Made me feel like a somebody for a bit. Although, sometimes I had to remind Evan that they are there for the band and that he isn't famous almost everyday. ANYWAY, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We had some amazing security guards: Cash, Knight & Shadow. Not their real names of course but they were a mix of ex-marine & Jiu-jitsus world champions. Some of the best dudes I've ever had the pleasure of talking to. They took care of us AND showed us a great time. I got to drink fresh coconut milk & then eat it. I haven't been able to do that since I was in Puerto Rico last. I hope I get to go back very very soon!

Next up was our Europe tour. I have been on tour in Europe 6 separate times & I have now gotten to the point where I know the culture, some of the language, hot spots, & rich history. I truly feel like a citizen of the world and I'm proud to have as many perspectives as possible & not just the "small town U.S.A. is #1" mentality that so many people in my country tend to have. But, no matter how many times I am lucky enough to tour there, I always look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. For example, seeing something as grand & as completely gorgeous as Paris will never ever get old to me. It is in my top 5 favorite places on earth for a reason.

With all of the good, sometimes ...unexpectedly, there comes a bit of sadness & heartache. Before I continue, I asked Danny if it would be ok to post this & with his concent, I would like to say a few words. One of my best buds, fellow D-X member, guitar tech for ATL, & all around great guy, Danny "Hollywood" suddenly lost his father while we were touring in Europe. No words I can type or hugs I can give could ever give true comfort to losing one's father. Seeing anyone of my friends in such pain is one of the hardest things to see when you just want to make it better. The great man that Danny Kurily has become is a tribute & testament to the man his father was & will always be. I never had the pleasure of knowing or meeting him, but by knowing Danny, I can see that he lives on through him. I feel privileged to call D2K a best friend. I love you buddy & we are family 4 life.

With that being said, I think I will make this a 2 part journal entry. Much love.

Friday, December 31, 2010: "D2K & The top 10 best & worst things about 2010"
What an incredible year it was! First off, as many of you might have seen or heard JeffMaker.com was "hacked" for a few weeks. This really didn't happen. It was all a little teaser that Danny "Hollywood", Vinny Vegas, & myself cooked up to announce the return of Danny Kurily! He's back and we're all extremely excited about it. D2K = "The Second Coming of Danny Kurily" get it? Sorry to lead everyone on, but it sure got a lot of people talking. Welcome back DK to the "kliq"! Anywho, here are my top 10 best & worst things about 2010:

Top 10 Best Things About 2010:
1) Taking the LOST tour at Camp Kualoa in Hawaii
2) Going to all 3 opening day Red Sox/Yankee games at Fenway Park w/ Vinny Vegas (thanks Karen!)
3) The All Time Low "Straight to DVD" red carpet release party in Hollywood
4) Being on MTV's "Silent Library" w/ ATL B&C
5) Anytime I was around my ATL B&C pals
6) My birthday! Best one I've had in years.
Going to my first Patriots game when they played The Colts...and won!
The birth of one of my cousin's 1st child James Kiesel Taylor
The birth of one my best friend's 2nd child Phoenix Casey Trafton
My best friends of 15 years: Derek, Justin, Casey, & Bryan still being apart of my life

Top 10 Worst Things About 2010:
1) The passing of one of my best friend's father - RIP Charles "Chic" Phillips
The Lakers beating the Celtics in game 7 of the NBA championship
3) Not being able to see my hometown friends as much as I would have liked
4) The "Hamburg Incident" - Jack, Colussy, Grieco, & Vinny
Having to leave Hawaii
6) Driving from LA to Paso Robles, CA
7) Eclipse movie(s) being released...still
8) The road crew hired by the Bamboozle Road Show
9) My plant Carl dying
10) The World Series...most boring pointless one I can ever remember
11) - runner-up: The thought of zombies!

Top 10 Best Places Re-Visited or Visited in 2010:
1) Hawaii!!
Barcelona, Spain
3) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Paris, France (twice)
5) Grand-Place in Brussels
6) Birmingham, England (only because of the after party on stage)
7) Vienna, Austria
8) Jakarta, Indonesia
9) Berlin, Germany
Las Vegas, Nevada

Top 10 Phrases of 2010:
1) "I don't beeeleee dis!"
2) "...isn't bad. PRETTY darn good yeast!"
3) "We need ya to come in. Can ya come in?"
4) "Vas up?!"
5) "LOOK out now!"
6) "Touchdoooooown"
7) "S.A.B. in the B.L."
8) "Ya took my nads Dennis"
"Tatatahubhubyatata two turtle doves"
10) Anything Uncle Panini said

There you have it. Have a great New Years and I will see you in 2011...A LOT! We busy busy: check out the schedule

Tuesday, November 23, 2010: "Patriots vs. The Colts game"
Vas up?! Did a few one off dates with All Time Low during the "My Small Package" tour; Boston, NYC, Baltimore, & LA. Had a great time at all of the shows. Boston = felt like a homecoming even though I was already home. NYC = was filled with after parties and I even got interviewed for an online music site (I know right...little ol me), Baltimore = someone gave me a how to survive as a zombie in a zombie filled world book & provided 3 awkward moments only found in books, and LA = DX reunion, seriously tasty burgers, cruising the Hollywood hills with Danny Hollywood, & ATL photoshoot. In between the ATL one offs I also did a few one offs for the reunited Dresden Dolls.

I went to the Patriots vs. The Colts game at Gillette Stadium...my first football game ever with my best buddy Justin. It was one of the best day of my life! We tailgated, grilled hot dogs, drank beers, listened to the other games happening on the radio, Justin lit his foot on fire, we were 25 rows away from the field and the Patriots sideline area, and the best part...WE WON! Last year an ATL fan made/gave to me a hand made Patriots blanket. I brought it with me and wore it as a cape. Wish her name was on it so I could thank her again for it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010: "We need ya to come in. Can ya come in?"

I'm just gonna jump right into this entry. No setup. There are really no words that can truly describe how it felt to be in Hawaii. This was my first time going there and to be there with a bunch of great dudes made it that much more special to me. The big memory I left the island with was the LOST island tour that Vinny, Jack, and myself took at the Kualoa Ranch. We took a bus tour with a tour guide telling us all about what we were looking at. There are a lot of WWII bunkers still located on the ranch. Many of the Dharma stations from LOST were actually bunkers. After the bus tour we took the off road ATV tour. At the top of one of the mountains our tour guide climbed higher and brought back a whole bunch of passion fruits for all of us to eat. I ate one there and took one back to the hotel where I made a drink with it. So good. Best fruit I'd ever eaten and this is coming from a man who had a grandfather who owned a farm in Puerto Rico! This was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life. Other things filmed on the ranch were Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, and Godzilla. The sights there were something I'd never seen before. Beauty that I didn't know actually existed on this planet. We obviously did a show there, but we also had a couple days off. Those days off were spent drinking, swimming, sightseeing, shopping, and....drinking. Amazing sunsets and super tasty food. I had a lobster one night. I gotta be honest, I pretended I was Jack Shephard the whole time. Yes, I'm obsessed with LOST and no this is probably nothing new to anyone who cares to read this stuff. The last night we were there we all took a boat cruise off the coast of the island. The night sky was so clear I saw stars that I''d never seen before and about 3-4 shooting stars. I'm in love with that place and I am seriously thinking about moving there someday. Maybe when I retire? Aaaaanywho, I'm gonna do my tour summery now. Giddy up: playing chess on the plane ride over to Hawaii with Grieco, Jakarta smells like smoke, drinks with Vinny in Amsterdam at 6am cause our flight to Finland was canceled, boat cruise from Finland to Sweden, boat gambling, "We need ya to come in. Can ya come in?", Smyers birthday bash where we crowd surfed him in a casino, "Vas up?!", Uncle Panini, a full week in Germany, huge German beers in Hamburg, the "Hamburg incident" w/ Colussy, Vinny, Jack, and Grieco, the curse of the Pukkelpop Festival :(, "Hey everybody we're all gonna get laid!", Steve Aoki rave tent blew my mind, touring with Blink 182, silver fish floating in a pond, signing the Berlin Wall....again, drinking a cap on the same barge in Berlin I did on my very first tour in 2006 w/ The Dresden Dolls, the twins and their friends, watching Limp Bizkit kill it at Leeds and Reeding, meeting Jorge Garcia (Hurley from LOST), driving 4 hours from LA to who knows where to do a short set with Weezer, Action Burger, I've never seen more bare breasted females at a concert than during a Limp Bizkit set, English breakfast, the W in Barcelona, Spain, shower cap mafia, "SMYERS! How could you?!", hiding from hotel security in Spain, our bus plowing through "zombies" in Italy, bouncing cars out of our way to get our bus through narrow Italian roads, Sum41 still has it, Bombay band and crew.

This Hawaii, Jakarta, Europe tour was amazing. It is my last tour of 2010 except for a few one off dates with ATL and the Dresden Dolls. Next year is shaping up to be a non-stop roller coaster ride. I have my seatbelt on and my arms up. I can't wait! For now, I will be working at HOB and at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston until late January when we kick off the new year in Brazil. Another first for me. In the meantime, if anyone says to you, "We need ya to come in. Can ya come in?" don't do it. It's a trap! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010: "I made us a time capsule!"

hi everyone! A lot of time has passed since my last journal entry. Things have been crazy for these last few months. This is my first chance I've had to sit down, thinking about everything, and actually write about it. Let's start with the All Time Low "Straight To DVD" premiere at Henry Fonda's in Hollywood on May ????. This was the first red carpet premiere that I'd ever been to. Except for that red headed girl my freshman year at URI! OH! Anyways, it was such an incredible experience. The ATL guys had been in LA recording their new album and had been hold up in a couple of condos in LA. We did a little clothes shopping the day before (ya gotta look hot w/ a fresh step). We all got ready at the condos the day of and a car service came to get the crew first. When we got there a lot of cameras, ATL fans, and a red carpet awaited. We checked in and the ATL crew were the first to hit the red carpet. Got a few photos snapped of us. We then proceeded inside to find our seats and grab a drink. A long time gal pal of mine, the beautiful Miss Katie Kay was my date for the evening and let me just say, she defines class and talent in a nutshell. The ATL guys arrived shortly after us and had a lot of photos snapped and video interviews. So it look them a little while to get inside. Pete Wentz, Mark Hoppus, Benji & Joel Madden, Paul DiGiovanni, along with a whole bunch of industry folks and fans packed that place to capacity. Once everyone was in there seats, drinks in hand, we were all really excited to see what the final product of the DVD was. We'd all been on the road with Jon Bregel (director of the DVD) during the GK tour. He literally filmed EVERYTHING that happened. The stuff he captured and how he edited it all together was so cool. He's the fuckin' man! Every time one of us crew guys made our little interview or "in the moment" cameos we all couldn't help but applaud each other. It is one of the best live band DVDs I've ever seen. Even Mr. Hoppus said so too! You really get an inside look at life on the road with the ATL guys. From the early days to right now. After the premiere was over the guys did a quick Q&A on stage while the rest of us went to the roof deck after party. We're talking open bar, view of the Hollywood hills, photo area, & like 10 lounge areas. After a bunch of photos, conversations, and good times Katie and I decided to leave and get some late night food. Then headed to Angels & Kings to meet back up with everyone. This one was of the best nights of my life. Red carpet, beautiful people, awesome DVD, free drinks, and a whole bunch of high quality friends. Ain't nothing wrong with that!

Let's wind the clocks forward to the Bamboozle Road Show. Now, as I always do I like to sum up tours with a paragraph of phrases, moments, and memories that defined a tour. This tour is no different. So here we go: it's a friendship stone...let's blow on it, this is pretty good yeast!, showguns in Vegas....YES!, Third Eye Blinds lighting girl makes my heart skip a beat, "Ya took my nads Dennis", little fuzzy chewy guards my bunk, "Bed Maker" cleaning services, after parties with the Madden brothers, ATL, and BLG guys, late night lighting programming at Merriweather pretending zombies are gonna get me, days off in Florida which also included the worst most expensive sushi I've ever had and great beach vollyball games, "Pinas" on the beach and by the pool, sneaking into the flash pass lines at 6 Flags, "home alone" on the bus for 2 days straight, sweatiest show of the tour was Milwaukee, 40 mile off, doing a show on the same field that the Chicago Bears play on, going through 3 guitar techs, meeting Holly Madison and Ashlee Simpson (she touched my leg), Bamboozle tour manager and stage manager were 2 huge ass dicks, Bamboozle not feeding any of the headlining bands but decides to give THEIR crew 3 meals a day and a rider, surveillance does, Primanti Brothers sandwiches, night off in Pittsburgh = rock 'n' roll hotel madness, "LOOK out now!", PIrates games, and a wet bar, Celtics lose to the LA Flakers, Vinny and I tagging Cleveland w/ nWo 4 Life, the invention of the game "Shaft", iPod roulette, Stephan Jenkins' porn idea for the girls on tour, "party techs" building a bonfire by the river, waking up to boring World Cup soccer every morning in the front lounge, a long tennis match....yeaaa, attending Pete Wentz birthday party, Ahmerika, 6 Flags banning ATL for sticking up for their fans after the police maced them followed by he Bamboozle stage manager threatening to punch Alex in the face, DX reunion, the formation of the nWo, "beware of bears and mountain lions", Amish macaroni salad, "Broncanuss", good talks with Rian, Flyzik, and Colussy on the big big big stage we will play on day, hearing Flyzik and/or Colussy over the radio for the first time is one of my favorite things in the world, being told in NY (while wearing my Red Sox hat) that I was wearing the wrong hat by security then telling them nope it's perfect, Vegas took my money AGAIN, "His legs were BLOWED OFF!", taking a haunted shower, "There ya are....there he is!", Uncle Panini, getting to work with Boys Like Girls for the first time, our bus driver Jean aka "The Boss", my home coming the very last day of tour in Boston when "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" played during our change over before ATL's set and the whole crowd erupted in unison clapping as I wore my Pappelbon Red Sox t-shirt...gave me chills and a tear in my eye. All in all this was an amazing tour and this may sound super cheesy, but I think I've grown even closer to the ATL band and crew than before. That about sums it all up. Next stop is Chicago, LA, Hawaii, Jakarta, and Europe. See ya there friends!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010: "Red Sox opening day, Silent Library shoot, & Disney"

So much to tell! So, Vinny "Vegas" and I were given tickets to Red Sox/Yankees opening day at Fenway Park as well as tickets for the rest of that series! Vinny came to Boston and it was 3 of the best days of 2010 so far. It was filled with two of the greatest teams in baseball history facing off, a couple of 6pm & 2am reservations at Dorsia, 40+ coors lights (each) in 3 days, about 6 Fenway franks (each), a lot of nWo music, 2 parties at my place, & some McMaker burgers grilled up. Some key phrases from those days include: "I used to be", "Sssssounds expensive", "On a cowboy boot", & "It's yours". I have to admit that when the Sox beat the Yanks opening day that Vinny took it like a champ. Although the next 2 games he was happier than a fat kid at an all you can eat buffet. He's definitely become one of my best friends and I'm extremely grateful to have him in my life.

A couple of weeks ago Alex, Jack, Rian, Vinny, Flyzik, and I went to NYC to shoot an episode of Silent Library for MTV. That was quite an interesting experience. The night before the shoot, they put us all in an extremely posh hotel with a nice view of the city skyline. It also had an amazing roof deck bar. Vinny, Keith, & I had a few up there buzzing about how the shoot would turn out tomorrow. The rest of the guys were flying in from LA, so they arrived around midnight or so, then we headed to a bar called House of Brews. I think we were out until 4am and had to be up at 8am. We even went to a diner and had some bad food with a couple more beers. We were all pretty hung over the morning of the shoot and were delirious while waiting in the green room. They came into the green room to take a look at what we were wearing and tried to make us change our t-shirts, but we convinced them we liked what we were wearing. They did however ask us to wear cups and tighty-whitey underwear. Awful. They also had people come in to do make-up and our hair. I don't think I looked very good on camera, but we shall see. The whole SL crew was so nice and so professional. I was just happy to be there! I was kinda nervous. I won't give away any of the challenges we had to endure or how much cash we walked away with. You'll just have to watch it when it airs sometime in June. After the shoot was done, we had to fly down to Orlando, FL for Grad Nite at Disney. This was the second time I worked a Grad Nite. One of the best things about it is it almost feels like a paid vacation. Disney gave us all our own hotel rooms with great views and a whole bunch of free park passes. We had a big crew vs. band volleyball tournament for "The Walt Cup" and I'm proud to say that the crew won! We then mixed up crew and band...that turned out to be a draw. We got a bunch of sun, drank some PRETTY good pina coladas by the pool, I went to the Magic Kingdom as well as the Animal Kingdom, and we had two great back to back shows right in front of the Castle in Magic Kingdom. We also had a big family dinner at the top of our hotel. It had the perfect view of the midnight fireworks. I didn't think it could get any better than that, and then after our last show, the Disney folks took us up on top of the Main Street roof top to view the fireworks. THAT was surreal. Vinny also debuted a great new phrase, that in my personal opinion, will be the big hit of the spring: "You better be goin' somewhere wit that." An amazing few weeks and it just keeps on coming! Tomorrow is my birthday!!! PLUS this coming Sunday I will be flying to LA for the premiere of All Time Low's new DVD release "Straight To DVD". There's gonna be a red carpet, tons of people, and from what I hear one major after party. I got the outfit set, I got my arm candy ready, and I can't wait to see the guys and my lighting design on the big screen. Time to get ready for midnight birthday drinks!

Monday, March 8, 2010: "I feel like breaking all kinds of rules."

My first journal entry of 2010! It only took me a few months to get on it. First off, I just want to say how AMAZING the UK/Europe tour with All Time Low was this winter. It was by far, the most fun, and biggest overseas tour I have ever done. Touring with them and the whole crew is beyond incredible. They have become some of my best friends and will always have a special place in my heart. Just like I did in an earlier entry, I think I'm going to do a word summery that describes all of the good times had overseas. Ready? Go! The Dublin bar crawl of 7 bars/7 rounds and then eating at a kabob shop next to the final club while a drunk guy tried to sit with us and almost had Vinny Vegas stand up and throw him "ODC: Out Da Club", Words With Friends with Grieco, Alex, and Jack, Cardiff Castle: sweet talking our way in after hours, the school girl train, "Maker to Colussy. Go for Colussy!", being stuck on the bus for 18 hours in traffic during a snow storm (show canceled that day), Mickey Mouse playing with himself in Colussy's bunk...how did that happen?, getting coffee with the Matts early in the morning, meeting Jody, Amy, and Kirstie who by the way is a GREAT dancer I must say, Alex buying back-to-back bottles of top shelf champagne at the bar thanks to my suggestion...sorry bout that buddy, watching Rian's laptop from my bunk while he enjoyed season 3 of LOST - don't judge me, ATL/DX crew on stage in Birmingham, England = group shot + crotch chop + the clique point, one of the wildest nights out in Vienna, Austria with Colussy, Jack, Vinny, and 3 beautiful women (S.A.F. in the L.B.?), also in Vienna we had an amazing shopping day/dinner/sightseeing adventure thanks to Mr. Colussy, argument in the bus hallway with a drunk Evan, Amsterdam ...enough said although I had a nice walk with Vinny and during load in I almost broke my thumb, I also fed a swan some bran flakes, watching the landscape of Europe out of my bunk window, ferry trips in the middle of the night, hitting up Abart in Zurich, Switzerland for the 4th time in my career and getting some Swiss chocolates, exploring Brussels and drinking my favorite beer in the world in Grand-Place, back-to-back shows in London at the Roundhouse along with exploring the sights with the guys, I created a DX logo on the "titan-tron" on stage in Vienna, our authentic Italian lunch/dinner in Milan, and our speed sightseeing in Paris in 3 hours (Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe, and the Louvre....PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY good).

Life long memories made. So what else is going on in my life? Let's see here...hmmm I get asked a lot about my love life and if I have a new "special someone". As of now there isn't anyone that I can call special or my someone. I'm just having a really good time and letting go of relationships until further notice since I have no real desire to be in one right now because of the hell that I went through with my last girlfriend. I can't see myself stomaching another waste of time with someone. It's beyond unappealing to me at this moment. BUT who knows, that could all change in a second if/when the right person comes into my life. On a different note, I have to say how excited I am about the upcoming Bamboozle Road Show tour this Spring w/ All Time Low. We are playing a lot of big venues that I love. Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, Hanson, Third Eye Blind, among others will be on the tour as well. Should be crazy times ...meaning reading books, painting model airplanes, and writing to pen pals. Other than that, I have been enjoying my time in my city of Boston, basically going out every night breaking all kinds of rules and working at House of Blues...which by the way is now the #1 venue in the WORLD. I'm not even joking. I will be going to opening day at Fenway Park with Vinny Vegas when the Yankees vs. the greatest team in baseball the Boston Red Sox. We will also be going to game #2 at Fenway. Cannot wait! Never been to an opening day in my city. On that note, I'm gonna sign off. I think this is a pretty good first entry of 2010. Until next time lovers.

Sunday, December 27, 2009: "The top 10 best & worst things about 2009"

I think that the title basically explains what this journal entry is all about. So here are my top 10s of 2009!

Top 10 Best Things About 2009:
1) My new apartment by Fenway Park
2) All of the memories/times/experiences had while touring w/ All Time Low
3) Summer vacation to NH & VT w/ my best buddies
4) Meeting Jillian
5) Riding the tallest rollercoaster in the world: The Kingda Ka - TWICE!
6) Being hired as one of the main LDs at the House of Blues Boston
7) Touring in Europe/UK/Australia/New Zealand
8) Taking a cruise to Mexico / seeing the Mayan ruins
9) The birth of one of my best friend's son, Trace Trafton
10) Breaking up with my ex-girlfriend

Top 10 Worst Things About 2009:
1) My grandfather passing away - R.I.P. James "Doc" Maker
2) The transition from where I lived in the summer to where I am living now
3) Getting burned out (as a tour manager) in New Zealand
4) The flight home from Tasmania to Boston - ouch
5) My buddy Anton breaking his hip
6) Valentine's Day
7) My 28th birthday - worst birthday I've ever had in my life!
8) Being with my ex-girlfriend
9) Having to give my cat, Dr. Boscar, away
10) The Yankees winning the World Series

Top 10 Best Places Re-Visited or Visited in 2009:
1) Perth, Australia
2) Yucatan, Mexico (Mayan ruins)
3) Sydney, Australia
4) White Sands, New Mexico
5) Paris, France
6) Barcelona, Spain
7) Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada
8) Las Vegas, Nevada
9) Auckland, New Zealand
10) Dublin, Ireland

Top 10 Best Meals of 2009:
1) Sushi dinner at
Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV w/ ATL band & crew
2) The cook out me & my best buds had up in VT: grilled salmon & swordfish!
3) The steak dinner I had w/ ATL crew on our day off (I forgot which city)
4) Dinner in Perth, Australia w/ Nigel & Jaron (Amanda Palmer tour)
5) Home made lunch w/ wine on our way to Toulouse, France
6) Dinner at Strega w/ Jillian in Boston, MA (north end)
7) Thanksgiving dinner with ATL/Hey Monday/Every Avenue
8) Paris, France = best cheese plate on the entire planet!
9) Band/crew dinner in Barcelona, Spain
10) Salmon on the top floor suite in
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada w/ ATL band/crew

Monday, December 7, 2009: "The greatest tour of my entire life!!!!"

I've been so busy & enjoying every minute of this tour that I haven't had the chance to make any journal entries! Which is kind of a good thing. It means I'm spending my time on living, loving, and working at what I was meant to. In honor of this, instead of typing some kind of boring
summery, I am just going to type the greatest memories/experiences/phrases that will best capture what this tour was to me. This IS my own journal right? Here we go: "I don't believe this!", "Do you even drink?", crumb board, S.A.B. in the B.L., O.D.C., Spanish lesson of the day, "Blame it on Coluss, got ya feelin' loose", The Band of Brothers, Planet Awesome, $1,000 on red in vegas!, blackout in Chicago (Safety Dog down - thanks Colussy!), paint ball wars, 3 room suite w/ 3 kitchens cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people, quality Taco Bell talks w/ Cassedee, nightly bra counts, Danny's guitar world apartments on stage, tail gating then watching Survivor Series...SUPER KICK! DAMN IT, the greatest homecoming in Boston anyone could ask for, my picture posted everyone at Boston HOB when I started to load in, Danger Cats, Safety Dogs, Awesome-topsy, Finkle wants some dinkle...lay one on me, DO IT. Johnny Red neat, ok? DO IT!, "Maker off radio...", I'm not made of LIQUID!, Stealing Harvard, Elf, Home Alone 1 & 2, Danny running into the highly secured Plaza Hotel in NYC looking for the 4th floor, chillin' with Vinny Vegas in the truck in Chicago using my road case as a bar, Rian's candle missions, football jersey Sundays, Tower of Terror w/ Courtney at Disney, Battle of the LDs at Grand Prairie, TX, VooDoo Fest = a day off in the B.L., Katie Kay hang out in West Hollywood, "Attention ATL crew the shitty music is about to begin" = Evan playing stupid music before soundcheck, that damn Ravens kick drum head, Grieco destroys his iphone, Mickey Mouse comes to wish Matt Flyzik a happy awkward birthday on the bus, Bourbon Street w/ the boys - hand grenades & stretch marks!, protesters in philly, AL3D = Alex, the big ear is the BIGGEST selling point, Dennis our driver, watching the sun rise somewhere in TX, White Sands New Mexico...football in the sand, DJ Alex spinning his tunes with the mini strobe, Lady In Red, dirty martinis, after setting up my lighting rig, Jack comes over & says "I don't like it. Take it down." always made me laugh, dvd shoot at Hammerstien Ballroom, showguns, Disco, "Stolen From The Key Bar", "why is our tour starting at the Webster Theater?", Boston had the record bra count at 80 bras, fastest load out time = The Pageant in St. Louis, MO at 52 minutes, DX change over...BREAK IT DOWN!...I'm sure there is so much more that I have forgotten. But I will keep adding to this entry since there was so much that happened. Best tour of my life with the greatest group of guys! Can't wait to do it all over again in the UK in 2010.

Sunday, October 6, 2009: "Hot, cold, hot, cold"

Here we are a little over a week into the tour and things having been going incredible!! All Time Low are filming a dvd this whole run and we are getting some really awesome live footage. I'm excited to see how my lighting will translate onto dvd. Right now we are in Ft Lauderdale, FL. It has been one great show after another. Tonight's show was not my best one, but everyone said it was just as kick ass as the others so I guess I should just listen to what they have to say and accept it. You know what's strange, being the "older" dude on the bus. I used to be the young one back in 2006, but now I am the "tour veteran" so to speak. I kinda like it! I think I am now well seasoned in this business We had a day off in Destin, FL and it was literally my favorite day off of any tour I've ever been on. Here is the deal...first we had breakfast in the hotel lobby. The hotel was on the ocean. Then I had a 95 minute massage which turned out to be the best massage of my entire life. After that I went to the ocean deck, had a cigar, a pina colada, and a Maker's Mark on the rocks and just took in all of the scenery until the sunset. It was so gorgeous. After that, I had sushi with the All Time Low band and crew. THEN we went back to the beach to drink some more pina coladas and watch the waves crash onto the shore. We then left to go watch Paranormal Activity and I loved it. I really freaked me out big time. I love when a scary movie can do that. We went on a little walking adventure after that in a deserted town trying to kill time until the bus came to pick us up. We found a boat warehouse and chilled on some of their showroom boats. I think I wanna buy one...oh wait... haha. We've been going through a lot of different temperatures, but I'm glad I am missing a lot of the colder weather back home.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009: "A big buddy blanket with some soft lady linens."

Whoa, I've found time to make two quick journal entries in the past couple of days! Last night was a major rager w/ the ATL boys & crew. After the show, the promoter in Leeds took all of us out to a club where he was promoting an ATL after party. Alex (lead singer) DJed a set and we were on stage totally hooked up with free bottles! It was hot, it was sweaty, it was awesome! These are a great bunch of quality dudes. I've been getting to know the guys in The Audition pretty well too. Really rad guys as well. The club gave the guys their own dressing room to relax if they wanted. It smelled of rich pine. Not like
Pine-Sol, but like real wood. Yep, it sure did. We chilled there throughout the night and pretty much came & went as we pleased. There were three clubs in one building playing all kinds of music. Lots of beautiful...not sober people in there. Lots of good looking girls to say the least. It was a funny scene. Smiles all night. That is pretty much the extent of the details I can give... After things started to wind down, Rian (drummer), Gieco (drum tech), Danny (guitar tech), and I went to get some food, then headed back to the bus for our 5am bus call. Last night the bassist for ATL had to fly back to the states for a wedding he had to go to, so Ryan the bassist from Runner Runnner is filling for the rest of the UK run. We are now in Manchester, England about to play the second biggest show of the tour. Sold out @ 2400 people tonight!

On a
somewhat different note, I laid out a plan this Spring for where I wanted to be in life & wouldn't you know it, I am there. It is blowing my mind right now. I know I'm on the right path because I'm happy. I don't have feelings of anger, mistrust in people, and I really love everything and everyone around me. It's like being in a big buddy blanket with some soft lady linens. Endless love everyone!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009: "I'm in ENGLAND. With ENGLISH people. And FISH!"

I am currently in the United Kingdom on tour with All Time Low. Writing from my bunk on an early morning in Leeds, England. So far we've had 3 shows, and all 3 have been sold out. I believe ALL of the shows are sold out at this point. They are doing really well over here and some of the shows on the upcoming U.S. tour are already sold out as well. We had a day off yesterday in Dublin, Ireland. We went exploring and saw Dublin Castle, took a tour of the Guinness factory (Willy Wonka's chocolate factory in beer form), walked around, and ate at a cool little pub. Last time I was at the Guinness factory was about 3 1/2 years ago and it's always a good time. I've been lucky enough to have toured through Dublin 4 times in my life. I feel like I know the city
relatively well. At least the busy areas. I've said it before and I'll say it again, All Time Low and the rest of the crew are a great bunch of guys to tour with!

We have been doing a lot of prep work and talking about the upcoming 7 1/2 week U.S. Fall tour. It is going to be epic in every way!! I can't wait for everyone to see my lighting design I have come up with for the guys. I have the vision in my head, I have the design ready, and now I can't wait to inject life into my ideas. This is not one of my deep thought journal entries. More of an update as to what I'm doing currently and where in the world I am right now. Bottom line, I sometimes I think people overuse and say this too much but, I am
truly happy/excited with my life and where it is heading. By the way, here is a video of my lighting for ATL in Glasgow, Scotland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sphS1ggeHA - great quality thanks to our FOH guy Evan. Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2009: "I can predict the future. Get in my eye line and bring it to me."

Today we buried my last grandparent, Jim "Doc" Maker...my grandfather; my father's father. He lived to be 91 years old. He was a veteran and just an all around great man. He will be missed and he will always be loved by those hearts he touched. I'll never forget the last time I saw him on Thanksgiving 2008...

In early June I made a post on my facebook page that said "it's going to be a cruel summer and prosperous fall". I couldn't have been more right. This summer has been a good one, don't get me wrong, but there is so much about to happen for me this fall that it dwarfs everything the summer had to offer. Before I get into details of the fall I have to say how excited I am to be doing some shows at Six Flags this week with All Time Low. MTV is doing video shoots both days and we get to fast pass